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Breaking down the barriers to good decisions

For senior executives in investment-intensive industries, financial performance and shareholder value invariably come down to the quality of their decision-making.

More often than not, however, key decisions are clouded by changing assumptions, endless debate or ill-defined goals. In the belief that its decisions are sound, management leaves enormous value on the table.

Improving decisions—and how they’re made. Founded in 1981, SDG is a strategic management consulting group that helps global businesses raise the quality of their decisions—and their decision-making processes.

All companies face complex decisions. But in those industries where uncertainty is the norm, managers must routinely make big bets ahead of the curve—where to explore for undersea oil deposits. Whether to pursue promising drug therapies that may ultimately prove unmarketable.

At the heart of SDG’s service offering is Decision Quality (DQ), a practical and systematic methodology that improves strategic decisions and the ability to gauge their value potential immediately—not just in hindsight at some future point.

The art and science of DQ. DQ begins with the recognition that the ability to make good decisions is neither inborn nor instinctive. A combination of art and science, DQ emphasizes insight over intuition, analytics over conjecture. Its application can drive superior performance and yield significant returns on investment in such critical areas as resource allocation, organizational development, risk management, and business growth.

Finding opportunity in uncertainty. In a world of moving targets, shifting terrain and unknown outcomes, SDG is committed to helping key decision-makers achieve lasting improvements in performance and value creation. Corporations that apply DQ don’t simply manage risk. They leverage uncertainty and turn it to their advantage.

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